Do you have a Facebook account? No? Then you are a psychopath...

No Facebook profile, no job offer. Psychologists mention that 75 to 80 percent of human resources employees are on the social network, so to them, not being on Facebook may mean job applicants have something to hide.

The German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel focuses on the suspected gunman James Holmes, who was accused of gunning down dozens of people at an Aurora movie theater last month, and Norwegian mass murderer Breivik who killed 77 last year. Both reportedly did not have Facebook accounts. The report states that both didn't seem to have friends in real life and it was reflected in their largely inactive online presence.

Psychologists also say that Facebook activity reflects healthy social life of a person. So, what if I spend my time riding a bicycle, playing football or studying languages? Am I a psychopath? According to the modern reality, I am indeed.

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