Top-10 most absurd excuses for being late to work

Excuses are various, but the most common are stuck in traffic jam, was packing kids for school or overslept. These are 10 most absurd excuses ever given to employers.

1. My cat had teeth problems and I had to bring her to a vet.

2. I almost got to the office when I realized I had forgotten to change my pyjamas. 

3. My little son flushed our pet in a toilet. First I had to save it and then wait until it came to senses.

4. A goat jump under the wheels and I hit it.

5. I wetted my pants on the way to the ofice and had to turn back to change.

5. A fox stole my car keys.

6. I super-glued my eye thinking it was contact solution.

7. I wasn’t thinking and accidentally went to my old job.

8. I was dreaming I was fired, so I did not have to hurry and kept sleeping.

9. There was a shop robbery with me inside. After the robbers left, police asked everyone present to stay for questioning.

10. I couldn't choose a proper tie among what I have, so I waited for store opening to buy a new one.

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