A mother-of-two eats stones for dessert

Care worker Teresa Widener, 45,  has been eating stones for 20 years. She has consumed more than 1360 kg over her lifetime, the equivalent weight of a humpback whale. Theresa suffers from the disease Pica - the habit of eating non-edible objects.

"Everyone has bad days and when I have one I eat rocks and it makes me feel better. However, now I have my husband  Jim, who makes me so happy, that I eat less  stones.

Widener says she likes the earthy flavour. She selects softer and more brittle rocks she knows she can break up easily, but if the rocks she collects are too big, Mrs Widener breaks them into smaller pieces with a rock hammer.

Teresa always keeps her storage full. "If I feel down then I eat lots more because it comforts me. If I know I have some at my house I feel better, just knowing they’re there."

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