A holiday romance: play by the rules

According to the statistics, 90% of women expect the holiday romance to turn into "happily ever after". However, only 10% of women exchange wedding rings with their holiday partners. Hence, your main task is not to fall into those 80% of heartbroken.

A holiday fling can make you feel like a queen and boost your confidence sky-high. It does the same with your holiday partner. But remember that it is impossible to get to know a person during a week or two, especially when this person is not in his usual surrounding: a killing bore can look like life of the party and a pragmatic penny pincher can appear a true romantic thing...

Even if it happens that you are from the same city, do not expect to see the same person after the holiday. It can be a disappointment: you will see a different man with his own problems and burdens, not a hot macho, who promised you a moon.

Do not make any plans for the joint future, but enjoy "this" and "here". Even if your holiday lover offers you to continue your relationships, do not indulge in illusions about steady relations, and you won't be disappointed.

In addition, don't forget to use condoms, or you may end up with more holiday souvenirs than you bargained for. Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise and, if you're having sex, it's vital to take precautions.

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