Sex symbol Marilyn Monroe might have been a lesbian?

But according to the book by Tony Jerris, Monroe allegedly admitted to encounters with movie stars such as Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, Marlene Dietrich and Elizabeth Taylor, she also seduced a 16-year-old girl who ran her fan club, Jane Lawrence.

Accordin to the book, Jane met Marilyn when she was 12 because her adopted father ran the legal department at RKO studio. They soon became close friends after realizing that they had been in the same orphanage at different times of their lives, even though Marilyn was 14 years older, and neither of them knew their birth fathers. Lawrence remembers how the iconic actress told her, “Whatever your sexual preference is, it means nothing - love is love.”

Jerris was introduced to Lawrence through a mutual friend in 2001 and the woman told the him about her sexual encounter with Monroe and start's bad habits, including taking the prescription drug Nembutal, while drinking champagne. According to Lawrence, the actress initiated the first physical contract, which resulted into intimate relations for ten years.

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