Some interesting facts about smell

1. All flavors come from smell.  Without a sense of smell you can’t taste the difference between an apple and a potato or a glass of red wine and a cup of cold coffee.

2. Dog’s nose has about 220 million scent-sensitive cells, compared to just 10 million scent cells for a human!

3. Astronauts in space tend to lose their sense of smell and taste. Because of the lack of gravity, their sinuses fill up with fluid, causing stuffiness similar to a cold.

4. Women have a keener nose than men on average.

5. Everyone has a unique smell, except for identical twins.

6. Smell cells are renewed every 28 days, so every month you ostensibly get a new nose.

7. To teach a dog to sniff out drugs versus apples is actually very difficult. Dogs that work in airports to sniff out illegal fruits and vegetables have a difficult time finding them.

8. Some of the most compelling smells for humans are fresh bread, recently cut grass and coffee, which is why many stores put out coffee and fresh pastries.

9. City dwellers do not pick up 70% of the city smells, but an African tribesman can smell a female friend who passed through a certain area several hours prior.

10. You cannot smell while you are asleep. You don’t smell the coffee and wake up; rather you wake up and then smell the coffee.

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