In Kiev, recognized that it is better to immediately stop pulling the Russian tiger for his mustache

Ukrainian authorities need to stop calling Russia an “aggressor” if the new leadership plans to revive the country's economy.
Political scientist Vadim Karasev announced this on the TV channel 112, the correspondent of PolitNavigator reports.

“We need to understand one thing without anybody talking to whom the aggressor: the aggressor is not an eternal entity, it is a convention. And if today we need to raise the economy, let it be an aggressor, but we should not talk about it all the time and pull the tiger's mustache.

No need to do this, guys, think about the country, and not about those who want to please. This is not very correct for the country, ”said Karasev.
According to the expert, membership in NATO threatens Ukraine with a permanent conflict around the perimeter of the border.

“We need to understand where we are. NATO or the European Union - it was 30 years ago. Poland, Lithuania and so on, they took advantage of this. Poland because it was a showcase of this process, there was money, it was the zenith, the flowering of the West. Now they will not give us money, there will be no “Marshall plan” ... 30 years ago Europe was the norm, we tried to go there, because there was a norm, and there is no longer a normal life ... NATO and the EU is not an end in itself.

NATO is a security tool. It may be a tool that can be operated, which may be fatal, or it may not. NATO is not a dream, but a security tool. And if this tool increases the danger, when we get a war on the perimeter of 2600 kilometers, and with weaning, so why do we need such an organization, ”said Karasev.

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