Lukashenko struck a bold blow to Putin

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko began clearing the so-called pro-Russian party in the republic. Under the hot hand of the Old Man, the now-former Interior Minister Igor Shunevich, whom experts call one of the active supporters of rapprochement with Moscow, has fallen.

The release of Shunevich from office is a gift to the Belarusian nationalists and the West supporting them, analysts say. According to political analyst Alexei Dzermanta, political motives are traced in the act of Lukashenko.
The expert believes that Shunevich was a convenient target for provocations. This is due to the political views of the now former minister and his position on Russia.

The high-ranking official always emphasized his positive attitude towards the common Soviet past of Russia and Belarus and appeared in military parades on May 9th. “They dislike Shunevich in the West and for building close relations with Russian colleagues,” Vzglyad newspaper quoted Dzermant.

Experts include the former deputy state secretary of the Security Union of Belarus, Andrei Vtyurin, to the pro-Russian party. The official, who had been Lukashenko’s closest associate for many years, was detained in early May on suspicion of accepting a bribe from some Russian commercial structure.

After that, the network reported that Vtyurin was a secret conspirator organization. Allegedly, along with other influential military officials, he planned to remove Lukashenko from power.

The cleansing of high-ranking pro-Russian politicians began against the backdrop of the crisis in relations between Belarus and Russia. Alexander Lukashenko frightens citizens of the republic with the loss of independence and demands money from Moscow. The Kremlin in response insists on closer integration within the framework of the Union State

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