Containers with baby bodies found in Ural forest

The labeled bodies were discovered five km far from the Low Tagil-Yekaterinburg highway. Mushroom pickers of a Russian town Neviansk saw plastic containers for water and decided to open it. Inside they found baby bodies, most of which were labeled with family names and room numbers.

Experts have studied the remains and established 50 big bodies and about 200 of small ones. The fetuses have been delivered to the local morgue for further examination.

Representative of the police department of Sverdlov region Valery Gorelyh reported that the investigation will focus on finding the hospitals and doctors, whose carelessness brought dead fetuses in the forest. Both police officers and medical workers are taking part in the investigation.

Local officials of the town believe that the containers arrived from larger cities - Yekaterinburg or even other region.

"We have a small district and such big number of miscarriages, abortions or deadborn babies is merely impossible for this area," the local police officials say.

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