Diet of three products

The diet of three products is one of those recommended methods. Apples, oatmeal and cottage cheese are the principal products of safe and useful diet.

Oatmeal is a rich with fibre that help to normalize the work of bowels and with complex carbohydrates that make you fill full for longer time than usual.
Apples are rich with minerals and vitamins, as well as with pectins (soluble fibres) that clean your organism and excrete cholesterol.

Cottage cheese is rich with high absorption protein and fatty acids that keep your muscles elastic while you are losing extra weight. Cottage cheese fatness should not be higher than 4%.

Eat oatmeal with 2-3 apples for breakfast and lunch, some green fresh vegetables for afternoon snack and cottage cheese with three apples for dinner.  During the day drink tea, still water and low fat milk or kefir. 

Follow the diet 7-10 days, not more. The longer you follow the diet the fewer kilos you lose.  You can repeat the diet in a month or use it every month to maintain desirable weight.

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