Some usual ideas for unusual dating

Love must be accompanied by romance. And for the moment, dates remain the best condition for a romance, especially if it is an unusual date in an unusual place.

Dolphinarium. There is no need to prove something to each other, there is no need to suffer from awkward silence. Among these sea creatures, you can relax, enjoy the show and charge yourself with positive emotions.

Yoga in pairs. There is no time and room for worries and fuss.  Trying to perform certain intricate position both of you simply won't have time for analyzing the look, haircut or... monthly budget.  Besides, close physical contact, when your man will be holding and supporting you, for sure will result in hot sex at home.

A date on a roof. Nobody will ever refuse such an idea, even those who are afraid of heights.  Staying on a roof you can enjoy the whole universe of stars, the best view ever on a city (field, factory...) and be totally and completely alone. What are the odds another couple will choose the same roof?

Air-balloon. This is it - your trip to the ends of the earth, where you pledge to go after your chosen one. And it does not matter that the ends look like you the country side next to your house. Heaven's wide champaign will make your hearts beat faster.

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