Unmistakable signs it's time to leave your job

Here some symptoms showing it's time to change the job.

You are always bored. If your work becomes more and more monotonous and you feel stuck, it means this job is not for you. Instead of visiting online shops or playing virtual games, start looking for job offers.

Your skills are not appreciated. If you boss does not appreciate anything you do and you have not received a raise or promotion for years, it's time to leave.

You do not envy your boss. If cannot or don't want to imagine yourself on the place of your boss, why do you work in this company. If you don't want the final prize, leave.

Your boss is evil. If your leader pulls no punches towards the staff and spoils not only your working days, but also day-offs, it's time to fill in the resignation papers.

Your colleagues irritate you, even if they do not do anything bad to you.

You are always worried about the money. Everybody is concerned about his finances, but if this thought does not leave you even for a minute, probably you are underpaid or constantly delayed in payment. Ask your boss for a raise, and even no reaction follows just leave.

Your appearance and health has worsened. Look in the mirror, and if you don't like what you see it's time to stop and think. When people like the work they do, they try to look the best they can - good appearance and self-confidence are connected. Stress, fear and lack of enthusiasm, on the contrary, leave negative marks on your appearance.

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