6 enemies of your figure in summer

1. Ice-cream.

You think it cools, but it only supplies fats and fast carbs.

2. Dehydration

Constantly fill in your body water reserves...We often think it's hunger, but in fact it's thirst.

3. Soda water.

It speeds up your calorie counter and increases fermentation in the bowels. 

4. Loss of appetite.

During the day, you do not have appetite because of the heat, but when the evening cools you down you attack the food...

5. Inactivity.

Indeed, physical exercises when it is hot are torture. But how else can you get rid of extra kg?

6. Smog and forest fires.

Norwegian biologists discovered that increased level of CO2 in the air leads to gain in weight - not only among girls of homo sapiens species, but all mammals.

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