How to survive the heat in a big city

Each year doctors remind citizens to follow classical rules for well-doing during the heat. Observing these recommendations, you will reduce the negative impact of hot weather on your organism.

- don't go out unless necessary;

- dress in light and loose clothes made of natural, green fabrics, which do not constrict vessels;

- always cover your head;

- drink a lot of liquids, preferably green tea and stewed fruit juices up to 2.5-3 liters, cool but not cold;

- avoid soda and sweet drinks, especially alcohol;

- eat less high-calorie food and do not cook 'for tomorrow';

- if possible, minimize your stay in public transport;

- suspend sport activity, as exercises increase heat exchange by five times, which leads to dehydration; instead, swim in a pool;

- women are better stop using heavy cosmetics, especially face powder and make-up foundations, as they impede the skin to breath and, consequently, increase the sweating;

- men are better stop wearing ties and belts.

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