In Washington, said that Zelensky has not yet reached Putin

The new president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, is not worth yet to meet with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

About this in an interview with the Kiev magazine "New Time" said the former US ambassador to Ukraine, and now a researcher at Stanford University Stephen Peifer, answering the question whether you need to meet face to face with the presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

According to him, “it is better to do without the Normandy format for the time being” and not to abandon the Minsk agreements on which “the EU sanctions against Russia are based”.

“If Putin realizes that Russia needs a new policy on Donbass, then maybe it is worth meeting for direct negotiations. In the end, the fate of Donbass depends primarily on Putin, ”the former ambassador said.

He also does not recommend using the meeting of the presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States in Helsinki as an example for Ukraine, since "Trump was unprepared for the summit, while Putin prepared very well."

“If the Ukrainian president meets one-on-one with Putin, then we must be very carefully prepared for this meeting. Putin is a connoisseur of diplomatic subtleties and many nuances of international politics. First, you do your homework - and only then you meet with the Russian leader. I repeat: as long as Putin does not change his policy towards Donbass, you should not meet with him, ”concluded Pifer.

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