The Russian S-400 at the Pentagon called a disaster for their newest fighter F-35

Attempts by the United States continue to disrupt the contract with Turkey and Russia on the supply of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400.

The Pentagon believes that Ankara’s acquisition of S-400 complexes are disastrous for the NATO bloc.
That is how, during her speech at the Atlantic Council in Washington, the Acting President declared.

Assistant US Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Katherine Wilbarger.

The US military believes that the Turkish acquisition of the S-400 will strike a program to create a fifth-generation F-35 aircraft, since the Russian air defense system was created just to fight such aircraft. In addition, after the acquisition of the C-400, Turkey will lose the opportunity to interact with NATO allies, and this is a key aspect of ensuring its defense.

As stated by Wilbarger, "C-400 is a Russian system designed specifically to shoot down aircraft such as the F-35." She further stressed that Russia, after the delivery of the air defense system to Turkey, will have the opportunity to collect data on the latest fighter.

According to the representative of the Pentagon, Russia seeks to undermine the cohesion and interaction of "established alliances and partnerships" of the United States and other countries. Wilbarger warned that Washington would apply sanctions in the event that other countries would buy weapons from Russia.

Somewhat earlier, it was reported that the United States gives Turkey the “last chance” in order to abandon the contract with Russia for the purchase of the C-400. Ankara must respond before the end of the first week of June. If Washington’s demands are not met, the consequences for Turkey will be negative.

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