Small nuances to keep your makeup fresh

Today well-known makeup artists share their little secrets.

1. If you do not have volume mascara, use ordinary loose powder. Put some powder on your eyelashes and then apply normal mascara - your eyelashes will look thick and soft.

2. To make some fast makeup corrections before an evening rendezvous, use wet paper napkin. Give face a dab with a wet napkin to remove the top layer of dirt and then apply some loose powder, but only one layer.

3. Day makeup of a business woman must be energetic. Use matte lipstick of bright colors, from carroty to plum. For evening events cover your matte lipstick with some lip-gloss to make your image less formal.

4. To make your makeup look fresh-new, apply your tinting cream directly on your clean skin, not using the primer. Then apply powder and rouge. Now take three ice cubes and rub your face in circular motions. Remember to change cubes before they start melting.

5. To refresh your tired skin us water-lemon tonic. Mix fresh lemon juice with water approximately half and half (a little bit less of juice) and wipe your face. The effect is similar to the one of expensive products.

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