Rules that keep you safe on the beach

1. Protect your skin from the sun. During your stay on the beach do not forget sunscreen cream. Apply it half an hour before your start taking sun and renew every two hours.

2. Drink more water. One bottle is not enough. According to the research, to avoid dehydration in hot weather one should drink at least three liters of water per day. It applies especially to those who enjoy beach sports.

3. Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol and swimming are incompatible. Alcohol can affect your clarity of thoughts and provoke dangerous situations. Besides, alcohol speeds up dehydration.

4. Take a first-aid kit. Small first-aid kit with most important items will save your day from occasional cut or sunburn.

5. Avoid currents. River and sea streams may put your life at risk. If a stream got you try to stay calm and swim parallel to the beach.

6. Always observe the safety on the water. If you decide to go on a water scooter, boat or canoe, do not forget to put on a life vest.

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